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Maria Sacchettini Bailo, painter and drawer, was born in Pozzolo Formigaro, near Alessandria, Italy  on July  5th 1909. She lives and works in Genova where she has been residing for over fifty years. 

She got her academic diploma at the "Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti" of Genova, the most important artistic institute in Ligury, in 1936, attending the classes directed by the  professors Bertelli, (for the figure); Agrifoglio as regards portrait and  Gagliardo, for the colour techniques. 

Maria Sacchettini Bailo is a renouned for her portraits, the miniatures and painting on ceramics.

Many of her works are displayed in painting academies, in churches, in monasteries and religious museums, and also in private collections in Italy and abroad.  She was awarded with the "Artis Templum" academic medal.

In consideration of the continuous successes of her personal cultuyal exhibitions, and of her participations to national and international collective exhibitions, Maria Sacchettini Bailo has been asked to be a member of several academic committees like Accademia Internazionale Artis Templum", "Accademia Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci", "Accademia dei Cinquecento per le Arti, Lettere, Scienze e Cultura of  Rome".

In consideration of her studies and of her continuous artistic activity, she has beeen included in  the "Albo del Centro Studi e Scambi Internazionali, della Confederazione Generale Italiana Professionisti e Artisti, del Tableau Européen des Professions et des Arts, di Roma.

In 1997 she has been nominated Academic Promoting Member of the  "Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti" di Genova.